Summer 2024

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Summer Schedules 2024

  • Week 1 from 30/06/24 to 04/07/24
  • Week 2 from 07/07/24 to 11/07/24
  • Week 3 from 14/07/24 to 18/07/24
  • Week 4 from 21/07/24 to 25/07/24
  • Week 5 from 28/07/24 to 01/08/24
  • Week 6 from 04/08/24 to 08/08/24
  • Week 7 from 11/08/24 to 15/08/24
  • Week 8 from 18/08/24 to 22/08/24

Activities and Experiences

  • Wave Surfing
  • Wind Surfing
  • Free Diving
  • Catamarans
  • Kayaks
  • Experiencing SUP
  • Introduction to Scuba Diving

Learn from the professionals

Activities at the camp will be led by a team of professional instructors and competitive athletes under the professional guidance of Eitan Friedlaender, a world champion. The kids will enjoy various programs with new equipment that will enable them to experience control in every activity.

Only Beach Boys surfing and sailing camps participants receive such a wide range of extreme activities and cool experiences. The camp is the only one of its kind in Israel and leads marine activity with 29 years of experience.

Beach Boys Surfing and Sailing Camp

Great love for the sea …

The Beach Boys surfing and sailing camp was created out of love.

Thirty Four years ago we established the camp with a desire to share and teach the young generations the secrets of marine sports. We wanted to open a window to the range of values that accompany those engaged in marine sports wherever they may be. Physical effort, perseverance, diligence and friendship are just some of the values that are learned in the sea.

Imagine a surfer who gets up at six in the morning, goes to the beach. He enters the cold water, swims over the waves and waits. He waits for his turn to get on the wave. Catch the wave. Trying and failing. Paddling again and trying again until he manages to stand on the board for a few seconds and drift to shore.

The Beach Boys Surfing Camp operates in the "Lev Ha Yam" center at the renewed Tel Aviv Marina. The place is secured and protected by a guard. There are private showers and toilets and a large shaded area.

The activities will be carried out by a professional team of instructors and competitive athletes and under the professional guidance of Eitan Friedlaender, a world champion.
In the activities, the children will enjoy a variety of programs with new equipment, which will enable them to experience control in each of the fields.

The camp is intended for ages 7-15 and is divided into age groups and levels. One can enroll for a short or long cycle of one or two weeks. The camp runs from Sunday to Thursday. Choose from a short day from 9am to 1pm or a long day until 3pm.

During the activities the children will receive seasonal fruits, breakfast and light lunch for those who register until 3pm. Of course we will be sure to drink plenty during the day. In addition we will be very careful with exposure the sun and apply sunscreen, wear hats and stay in the shade whenever possible.

Only participants of the Beach-Boys surfing and sailing camps receive such a wide variety of extreme activities and cool experiences.7


As with any activity related to our children, we also consider two aspects. On the one hand, the children's experience, the challenging activity, the added value and fun. On the other hand, the logistic side includes, first of all, safety and of course schedule, agenda, food, location, payment and more.


When running a camp at sea the most important issue is safety in general, and safety in the sun in particular. In order to stay safe during activities children must:

  • Wear a wide brimmed hat (it is recommended to equip the children with two hats in case one is lost)

  • Wear a long sleeved shirt (preferably a long Lycra shirt).

  • Apply water resistant sunscreen (children will be asked to apply sunscreen every two hours).

  • Drink water!! Children must be aware of the importance of hydrating, and drink whenever asked to.

  • Have flip flops available to use when needed

More about safety: In order to allow full supervision of all children during activity in the water the ratio of children to instructor is 1 to 5. In addition, there is supervisor in charge at every location, which is responsible for safety, as well as ensuring that water drinking breaks are taking place. Every beach on which we operate, is manned with a qualified paramedic.

Security License and Instructors


Activity takes place inside or next to the Tel Aviv marina, the area is fenced, and there are security guards at both entrances.


The camp has an operation license of  from the Tel Aviv municipality and an insurance policy from a major insurance provider.


All instructors come from a professional background. Once joining the team, additional training is provided at our camp. In addition there is a main instructor for each group  that leads the instructors team.

Drop off & Pick up, food and showers

Meeting point

Parents should drop off & pick up children at the "Lev Ha Yam" center In the south part of the Tel Aviv Marina near Gordon Beach. Activities are held on Gordon Beach and Hilton Beach in Tel Aviv under the supervision of "Lev Ha Yam" center.

The camp provides two meals. Breakfast is served at 9am as the children arrive, including a choco drink and a chocolate roll as Israeli tradition demands. Lunch includes a Sandwich plus fresh vegetables.

At the end of activity, before returning home, children will enjoy cold chunks of watermelon Or Melon.


The club has well maintained toilets and showers.

It is recommended kids bring shampoo and soap, a towel and dry clothes.

Prices and Payment Method

Discounted price for those who are early to register.

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks. Credit card payments can be divided up to 5 payments with no interest.

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